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Quick Picks is a category in the vinyl records department of Sounds for Sure where you can find all records that we sell for only 1 euro each. Records you find here can not be found in other categories. In case you do find the same record here as in another category it means it's not the exact same copy (with the exception of 12 inches).

Quick Picks are used records that are not graded. They are normal and complete records, but on the site most of the time we don't provide a sleeve picture and further information. Besides that we don't remove any possible (price) stickers from the sleeves and don't (always) clean possible dirt off the vinyl.  This doesn't mean at all that these records are in a bad condition. They are just as good as any average record on Sounds for Sure and they are subject to the same warranty as any other record we sell. The reason that they're not graded and provided with a picture, a tracklist and all that is to make it able to put them on the site faster.

We guarantee that Quick Pick Records are always at least 'very good', but mostly they are 'very good plus', 'excellent' or even 'near mint'. 

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